Solar Panels on a 100-Year-Old House!

Alessandra Carreon and Drew McUsic installed solar panels and implemented energy efficiency measures at their 100-year-old house in Detroit’s West Village district. The 5kW solar photovoltaic system delivers over 80% of their household’s electricity needs, and because of the energy efficiencies their monthly heating bills are only $100-200 while their neighbors’ bills are upwards of $800.

Their cost for the efficiencies after rebates was $6,000, with a payback of 7-8 years. The cost of the solar after rebates was $11,500, with a payback of 10 years.

Over its lifetime (25 years) their solar system will produce 158,000 kilowatt-hours of energy and avoid 106 tons of of CO2 pollution. Watch the video to learn more about Ale and Drew’s experience.

2 Responses to “Solar Panels on a 100-Year-Old House!

  • But what are the start-up or install costs of this system? We know the benefits…that part gets talked about all the time… The useful info at this point is: how much loot do we have to save up to install such a system? This is obviously too high of an entry point, otherwise more folks would be doing this already. The amount of $ saved monthly once installed is shared, but what does it cost to install???

    • Administrator
      2 years ago

      Thanks for your note. The efficiencies were $6k with a 7-8 year payback, and the solar panels were $11.5k with a 10 year payback. That info is noted in the video, but I also just included it in the written part of the blog too for easier access.

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