Detroit Saves the World – the Comic!

Hi! My name is Diane Cheklich, and I’m the creator of this blog. In addition to being an environmentalist I’m a filmmaker, and I believe there is an opportunity to use art and storytelling to help get the word out about clean energy and climate change. Reports full of scientific data, though important, are not increasing awareness enough.

So I’m trying an experiment to see if entertaining storytelling helps. I wrote three short film scripts, titled Detroit Saves the World (Part 1, 2, and 3). These are light-hearted, entertaining (I hope) stories that have a few facts about climate change sprinkled into the narrative.

Instead of a traditional storyboard I worked with artist Mark Sarmel to create a comic book from the story. The comicĀ is hot off the press and it looks great! Here is what the cover looks like, and special edition copies will be available this Saturday, 5/14 at the West Village Spring Forward event in Detroit.


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