Green Energy at a Historical Building

The building at 71 Garfield, located in what used to be in a Detroit jazz district called Sugar Hill, was a burned-out shell of its former self. It sat in ruins for many years until Zachary & Associates decided to rehab it. While they were at it they also decided to install green energy systems throughout. The storied building now hosts a 20 kW solar PV array, in addition to solar thermal, geothermal, a water catchment system, and many energy efficiencies. Diane Van Buren, President of Zachary & Associates, describes how the building came back from the dead to host a full complement of retail and residential occupants, and the philosophy behind the restoration.

The building is a model of how to incorporate green energy into a historical building. The solar PV system saves over 19,000 kWh of energy each year, saving 336 tons of CO2 emissions over its life.



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  • Susan M Chase
    1 year ago

    Most excellent! This is the type of building I would want to live in, were I a city dweller.

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