Credit Where Due, Detroit

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Sustainability has not historically been a priority for the local government in the City of Detroit, but some recent moves by the City have at least put sustainability on its radar. Last month Detroit hired a Director of Sustainability, Joel Howrani Heeres. And just last week Detroit mayor Mike Duggan joined the growing list of Climate Mayors who have vowed to uphold the Paris climate accord after Donald Trump pulled out of it. Finally, the City’s Green Task Force (formed in 2007 and headed by City Councilman Scott Benson) recently established a Renewable Energy Subcommittee, and Yours Truly is a member!

How all of this bodes for true policy change remains to be seen, but it’s a step in the right direction toward Detroit Saves the World. I of course will be pushing for Detroit to commit to powering the city with 100% renewable energy and join the other Michigan cities—Traverse City, Grand Rapids, and Northport—that have already made that commitment. Let’s go!


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