The Future of Energy is Solar!

I know everyone’s too busy to watch an hour-long video on how solar energy is a disruptor that will transform the world energy landscape but just in case, below is educator Tony Seba’s 2016 talk called “Clean Disruption—Why Energy and Transportation will be Obsolete by 2030.”

If you don’t have time to watch it, here are three important takeaways:

  1. By 2022 solar energy will be cheaper than even the cost of transmission for fossil-fuel based energy. This means that even if it were free to generate energy from coal (which it’s not) the cost just to transmit that energy to our houses would be higher than the cost of local solar.
  2. By 2025 all new vehicles will be electric.
  3. By 2030 solar will provide 100% of the world’s energy.

The price of solar continues to drop, and utility-scale solar has now fallen below $1/installed watt, which is a sign that Mr. Seba’s predictions are coming true. We are approaching the tipping point!



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